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Kastoria and Siatista Information

Kastoria aquired its name front the Macedonian hero of' Mythology, Kastor, son of Zeus. The geographical area of Kastoria is identified as the small ancient Macedonian state of Orestiada, whose inhabitants were called Orestes and the capital Argos Orestikon. From that point, according to history, the Macedonian kings started to merge the rest small states which formed the big Macedonian state whose capital was Eges (Vergina) and later, Pella... >>

Siatista, a city of 7000 nestled into the flank of Mount Siniatsiko, is 55 km from Kastoria and 29 km from Kozani. Strolling through the narrow cobblestone lanes of the neighbourhoods of Chora and Geraneia, you will find yourself surrounded by the charm of a by-gone age that has nonetheless left behind indelible marks and influences... >>



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