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Siatista - The city of the wonderful Mansions

Siatista, a city of 7000 nestled into the flank of Mount Siniatsiko, is 55 km from Kastoria and 29 km from Kozani. Strolling through the narrow cobblestone lanes of the neighbourhoods of Chora and Geraneia, you will find yourself surrounded by the charm of a by-gone age that has nonetheless left behind indelible marks and influences.

Siatista View of town

The aura of the past carries the visitor back to an age of luxury and wealth and cultural vitality. Some of the mansions are open to visitors, and the chance of a stolen glimpse into the lives of yesterday's fur barons should not be missed. The interiors of these houses are still extraordinarily striking, with their carved wooden ceilings, colourful painted decoration and unusual style. Siatista is also famed for its wines, and especially for the traditional "liasto", made from partially sun-dried grapes, whose unique flavour is the product not only of the region's particular soil and climate conditions but also of the skill and passion of the local winemakers, who offer it with pride to welcome their visitors.

Mansion of Siatista

Not far from Siatista is Mount Vourinos, which is part of Europe's NATURA 2002 network of protected zones. In this unique ecosystem thrive a number of rare plants, including eight (8) species found nowhere else in the world! A series of marked trails allows hikers to enjoy this exceptionally interesting ecosystem and the plants and animals that live within it.

Vitreux of Siatista
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