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The Past : Background of Fur Manufacturing
… a successful course of six centuries

Fur is manufactured in Kastoria and Siatista since the 14th century. From the 16th century and afterwards, when the demand of furs increased not only as means of protection from cold, but also as a symbol of social status, Greek fur manufacturers started importing raw material from abroad and supplying Europe with fur garments.

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In the 18th century fur conquers the world and becomes the "must" item of elegance and style. In 1894 the first fur sewing machine was imported in Greece, up to then fur was sewed by hand. Thus the industry began to adapt to the technology available at that time. At the end of World War II, especially after 1950, the sector develops rapidly due to the skilled work and technique of the areas fur manufacturers. At this time Kastoria and Siatista become the main international fur production centers.


Today the Greek fur industry functions in a way that ensures the responsible use of renewable raw material natural resources. Fur does not pollute or disturb our ecological system, because raw materials originate from fur animal breeding farms which operate under strict specifications in order to provide the appropriate conditions for fur animals to grow. These are realized with absolute respect for the international rules, established for the management of ecosystems.

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The secrets of fur manufacturing are bequeathed from father to son and the modern development of the industry combined with tradition, have resulted in the products’ distinguished characteristics that has made it recognizable in the international market. Thus, each fur is unique and constitutes for it’s maker as well as for the person who wears it a work of high quality and technique.

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