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Kastoria - The City near the Wonderful Lake

Kastoria is an impressive Byzantine city with great cultural heritage, an ambassador of Hellenism in Europe. It’s a city of marvels and high constructive creations, a city that charms every visitor. Wander in the city’s streets and narrow paved “sokakia”, and let yourself be touched by its magic and beauty.
In the enchanting landscape of lake "ORESTIAS", we find the most beautiful city of Kastoria, which is a city–museum of Byzantine and Post Byzantine Monuments and Mansions. Thus, while the visitor walks among modern buildings he suddenly finds himself if front of a church of the 11 th century, and may also stand charmed in front of an old mansion of the 17 th or 18 th century.

Lake of Kastoria

"The SILENT City by the lake" is distinguished for its’ Byzantine Monuments, Fur Manufacturing and Lake and the combination of these three elements made Kastoria an important intellectual, artistic and economic centre.
Today a visitor can go sightseeing in Kastoria an visit: Byzantine and Post Byzantine Churches, Old Mansions, the Byzantine Museum, the Folklore Museum, Local Costumes Museum, site of Prophet Elia, a tour around the Lake by car or by boat. A visitor may also visit the Petrified Forest and its Museum at Nostimo which is 24 km from the city, the Prehistoric Settlement in Dispilio that is dated from the Neolithic period (6.000-3.000 b.C.), and ancient Dioklitianoupoli in Argos Orestiko, where archaeological excavations have revealed a few residences and part of the city’s fortification. Also, near the sources of Aliakmona River at village Nestorio, during the first week of August, the annual RIVER PARTY events take place.


Mansion of Kastoria

Mansion of Kastoria

Kastoria can attract a great number of tourists because of the rich history heritage and breathtaking natural beauty it possesses. Also, the Ski Center of Vitsi operates from December to March and is 25 km from the city.

The city has the appropriate infrastructure and can accommodate even the most demanding visitor.In the city one will find a lot of cafeterias, pizzerias, taverns, restaurants, and “ouzeri” restaurants.

Kastoria is also famous for its night life, especially during the summer months. One may find a lot of night clubs, pubs and bars for those who worship dancing and loud music. The city disposes a lot of hotels, hostels and rented rooms that offer pleasant stay and hospitality.

Vitsi View
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