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We collect information from Greek Fur makers in order to be able to send you to the appropriate proffessional according to your needs. Either you need information regarding Greek Furs, Fur Makers, Fur Products or you want to advertise in our site don't hesitate to contact us. 

Offices in Western Macedonia
Addess: Kozani, Takiatzidon 13, tel. 0030 2461029427,
. 0030 2461029427, mob. 0030 6932711771
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Source of the Site texts are taken from various sources about fur, thus all the photographs and texts maintain the copyrights of their owners. Most of our text is taken with the permission of Greek Fur Center from their web site in We thank them for their support. Purpose
The purpose of this Web Site is to promote Greek Fur Industry to an International level and to help Fur Makers get in contact with international dealers. It is very important for the International Market to have a one-time stop when searching to find a specific product. We guarantee quality and we are for over 3 years a consulation office for International clients that want to cooperate with Greek Fur Makers or buy Greek Fur products.




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