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The Present : Greek Fur and Trade

Fur manufacturing and trade are traditional activities in the regions of Kastoria and Siatista, with a history that goes back to the 15th century. During those years and mostly during the last decades it ran through a lot of ups and downs, with prosperous periods as the years between 1960-1987.

During the last five-years, however, there is a tendency of stabilisation in the international fur market, which is due to the following factors:

•The economies of Western Countries present intense signs of recovery, consequently the economic situation is more favourable for the consumption of luxury items.

•The various organisations that defend “animal rights” are in recession. Their activities are given very few publicity and consumers are not influenced by their extreme opinions.

•The opening of new markets also constitutes a very important factor. Such markets are the Eastern Countries, in which fur products have a big demand, not only because they are a prestigious symbol of wealth and high social status, but mainly because the climatic conditions of these countries render fur an irreplaceable and functional garment. Also, during the last years, China, Hong-Kong, and South Korea have entered the fur industry dynamically, both in production and trade of ready made fur garments. Most of the production in these countries is intended for internal consumption which is increasing due to their economic development.


•Another important factor of the furs’ comeback is that it is back in fashion. During the last years an increasing number of famous Designers and Fashion Houses include fur in their Collections as a full fur garment, trimming or accessory. Fur has become a "MUST" for well dressed fashionable people. The reintroduction of fur in the limelight brought important changes in the material itself and in the type of garments manufactured by it. Thus we observe a very important change in the way consumers approach fur, which apart of a symbol of the owners’ economic prosperity it covers daily needs of clothing. Non-conventional pieces are mostly in demand, with progressive designs and innovative treatments, which combine different materials, which are colourful, light weighted and easy to wear and can be worn during all the hours. The Collections presented are perfectly renewed and not simply a reproduction of last years most commercial pieces. The medium age of customers has decreased up to 10 years in a lot of cases, because the renewed modern image of fur is also appealing to younger ages.
The industry is struggling to assemble from the crisis which it suffered of during the previous years. The course of the last years shows that the potentials are many and if the economic situations of the consumer countries continue to flourish and the Greek Industry markets’ it’s products well, the future seems to be quite positive.

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